Updating document templates and document headers

This service is aimed at companies that need to redesign their documentation for whatever reason. ATIVA Development AB has developed a macro function that redesigns existing documentation, replaces document headers and writes correct metadata into documents. This can save a lot of time for those who need to redesign the documentation in the system.

An entire documentation system may need to be updated because

  • The company has changed name and logo and wants to insert these into the documents.
  • The company wants to introduce a brand new design to its templates while introducing the new look in existing documentation.
  • Incorrect templates have been used from the beginning (missing bookmarks, incorrect fonts etc.).

How does the update work?

You burn your document system to a USB stick or use an filetransfer service and send it to ATIVA Development AB. ATIVA will then create the new templates in consultation with you, complete with the bookmarks you want to use. Once the templates are ready a macro is run on the existing documentation. This macro updates the existing documentation with the design and appearance of the new template/templates. When the update is complete, we will return a CD or DVD with the updated documents.

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