Service agreement

Service Agreement

ATIVA Development AB's customers will always have access to good support and the latest versions of systems and manuals. With a service agreement, you insure yourself as a customer with the security and continuity required for work to take place smoothly.

Free Support

The service agreement entitles you to free e-mail/phone support regarding the operation of the program's functions.

Free upgrades

With the service contract, you not only receive help with the program but also the latest version of the program. We receive a lot of feedback through direct contact with our customers, which leads to new features in the program. When more extensive changes occur, resulting in a completely new program, the new software is sent to you automatically.

Validity of the service agreement

The service agreement takes effect immediately when you order ATIVA-Document. It is then invoiced annually in advance and continues until further notice. The contract period is 12 (twelve) months from when the order for ATIVA-Document has been received and accepted by ATIVA Development AB. The agreement is automatically extended for periods of 12 months when each period expires. The service agreement can be terminated by either part 30 days before the end of each contract period.

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