Document management - ATIVA-Document

ATIVA-Document - effective document management

The software helps organisations to establish a user-friendly and efficient system for document management. Companies and organisations who currently feel that they do not have the time, resources and personnel to keep all information up to date and in the right place will be helped greatly by implementing a document management system.

ATIVA-Document, a document management system

The ATIVA Document program provides direct information about the document's status: approved by, author, edition, distribution date, distributor, document category, document number and validity period. In addition to the above information, you can obtain information at the touch of a button about the document's connections within the business, i.e. what and who is affected by the current document, see how the documents relate to various standards, laws and regulations, and how the documents are linked to each other.


The document management system takes charge of technology that is often already found within the organisation. For example, network, e-mail and Microsoft Office package. The program is created in such a way that it is possible to start on a simple level with a few users and limited access to technology. You can then grow in line with improvements in technical conditions or when you want to spread information to more employees.

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