ATIVA-Document features

ATIVA-Document is structured to suit most organisations, both those manufacturing and those providing services. Great importance has been placed on features and properties being as general as possible, in order to suit all types of businesses. Everything is based on market-leading standard solutions for development tools, databases, installation programs, etc.

Main features

Increased profitability and efficiency due to the system saving time and reducing costs. All employees have access to the correct information. Provides direct information about a document's status, edition, author, approver, etc.
Guided issuance of new or existing documents. Existing documents can be added to the system easily, without being edited. Controlled distribution of documents, the user views those that affect his/her work.
Easy way to circulate documents for approval. Automatic updates after distribution. Layout of manuals with linked documents and controlled distribution.
Illustrates the company's processes, machines, departments, etc. in the program and then directs documents to them. Comprehensive report system. The system creates warnings for out-of-date editions and upcoming editions.
Different sorting modes for documents - original, process oriented and as per standard. Send an e-mail to anyone affected when distributing documents. Create URL links in documents to enable quick viewing of web pages internally by the program with the embedded browser or link to other documents.
Convert reading copies of documents to HTML and PDF. Internal HTML view of documents. Different authorisation levels are created or set by the system administrator.
Integration with Microsoft Office. Automatic enrolment of document status in Word and Excel documents. Create templates with bookmarks (bookmarks are a hidden insertion point in a Word document).
Possibility to use multiple databases for different purposes. Menu-based installation program which makes the installation of ATIVA-Document and its other installation options an easy task for anyone. Create document categories for easier retrieval.
Option to prepare the existing documentation before it is integrated with the system using bookmarks. Use the company's existing templates. No downtime within the organisation is required to install ATIVA-Document.
Automatic archiving for new releases. Searches in the system can either be performed as free text or as search paths such as author, document name, edition, publisher, approved by, standard, links, etc. Create process maps in PowerPoint and integrate these into ATIVA-Document.

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