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ATIVA-Document Publishing

To facilitate the spread of information in ATIVA-Document, and to reach a wider audience with their documentation, use ATIVA-Document Publishing software. ATIVA-Document Publishing creates/publishes a mirror image of your ATIVA-Document database where you, the user, decide which documents and trees are to be published to a complete web site. The result of the publication shows a copy of what has been selected. The files that are generated/published do not need to connect to any server or database. What is needed is a browser to read the document/information. ATIVA-Document Publishing is sold as a plug-in for ATIVA-Document.

Use Areas

Below are some intended uses:

  • ATIVA-Document Publishing is meant to be used internally or externally as a stand-alone "reader" of the document structure in ATIVA-Document even for those who do not have ATIVA-Document software installed.
  • ATIVA-Document Publishing may also be used to facilitate ISO audits where the auditor often requires the entire business manual printed and sent to them prior to the revision. In such cases, ATIVA-Document Publishing will minimise the "costly and considerable" work required to print all documents. Using ATIVA-Document Publishing, you can print the entire system electronically and copy to a USB memory stick, upload to websites or FTP.
  • Many people choose to publish Policies and Business Documents/Manuals on the Internet for purely informative purposes. Because ATIVA-Document Publishing builds a complete "site" it is easy to post your information on the Internet/intranet as part of your own Website.

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