Upgrading old systems

Upgrade ATIVA-Gauge 5.0 to ATIVA-Gauge 6.0

It is easy to upgrade ATIVA-Gauge 5.0 to ATIVA-Gauge 6.0.

Upgrade TQS-Gauge Pro to ATIVA-Gauge 6.0

It is still possible to upgrade old TQS-Gauge Pro to ATIVA-Gauge 6.0.

Free service agreement and converted database

Existing TQS-Gauge Pro and ATIVA-Gauge 5.0 customers who choose to upgrade to ATIVA-Gauge 6.0 receive a one year free service contract and conversion of the existing database.

Support and development

ATIVA-Gauge 6.0 is replacing TQS-Gauge Pro and ATIVA-Gauge 5.0. Support and development of TQS-Gauge Pro has completely expired. Support and development of ATIVA-Gauge 5.0 will expire completely on 01/01/2019.


ATIVA Development AB has great upgrade deals. Please contact us for price information.

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