General information about ATIVA-Gauge 6.0

ATIVA-Gauge 6.0 - an effective gauge system

ATIVA-Gauge 6.0 is a gauge system for storage, maintenance and calibration. It manages all the business's gauges, instruments, etc. that require regular monitoring and follow-up.

The ATIVA-Gauge 6.0 user determines the amount of information to be reported back to the system after each confirmation. For some companies, it may be sufficient to report the results from the calibration back to the system, i.e. if the gauge is approved for continued use or not. If so desired, the metered values can be written into the system and stored for traceability. Metering data from gauges with electronic output can be automatically sent to the program for storage. Alternatively, in the protocol function you can enter a file name that specifies where metering data is stored or will be stored. The specified document can then be loaded automatically.

In the program, protocols for a variety of equipment can be defined (for example, electronic gauges, fixtures, balances, thermometers and pressure sensors). Among other things, it keeps track of the status of each individual in the register with regard to the results of the latest monitoring (calibration), the date of the next confirmation, colour code marking, where it was stored, measurement data, calibration costs, and more. This way information is readily available every time it is time to monitor or calibrate a gauge.

ATIVA-Gauge 6.0 supports the requirements of most international standards where registration of metering data is required.

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